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Friday, October 9, 2009

Dog Training : Leerburg's Puppy 8 Week to 8 Months

DVD Rip | English | 2.5hr ,
AVI (XVID 740x480 29.97fps 1500Kbps
MP3 44100Hz 2 Chan. Stereo 128Kbps)

This training video answers all the questions new puppy owners have concerning the care of their new puppy. Ed Frawley has been breeding dogs since 1978 and has produced over 350 litters of working bloodline German Shepherd puppies.

Over the years Ed has been asked just about every question a new puppy owner can think to ask. This DVD was originally produced to be given to every Leerburg Puppy Customer. The intent was to help Leerburg Puppy Customers get through the first 8 months of the puppy's life.

Even though Leerburg only breeds German Shepherds, this new training video is not just for German Shepherds. It's an all-breed video. Your Puppy 8 Week to 8 Months is sold to breeders all over the country who breed many different kinds of dogs. These breeders then give the video to their puppy customers.