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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Badjao Roots

BADJAO ROOTS pursue the roots reggae, rock and blues that they enjoy. Their path as reggae musicians became solidified with the principle of One God, One Race, One Nation. BADJAO ROOTS play as much reggae as possible; they believe that reggae music is a powerful force that will unite people of all ages, races, abilities, and walks of life, and they play with that goal in mind. Their music has always had a profound cultural and spiritual focus, to be eventually heard on their future crafts, songwriting and arrangements on the making.) The group is heavily influenced by Bob Marley, and most of their repertoire comes from the Legend, Bob. The band uplift and inspire souls with the power of the roots vibration. BADJAO ROOTS is truly a group bigger than the band itself, bonding together all lovers of reggae music, roots, peace and love, culture and spirituality. In these troubled times, there is nothing the world needs more than the healing word, sound and power of JAH Music. BADJAO ROOTS answers this call and bravely steps forth to fight this musical revolution. JAH LIVE!
  1. Kalinga Drealock rastaman
  2. Tell The People
  3. Tampuhan
  4. The Truth
  5. Kalinga My Love