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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hare 1.51 - Increase CPU Speed By 300%

Hare: the best acceleration utility for PC!


Hare will accelerate any computer up to 300%.

Computers are much more powerful than before, but software are also much more demanding in system requirements. Hare will even accelerate a Pentium 4 or an AMD Athlon.

Hare uses 2 proprietary technologies to improve computer performance:

- The main technology will improve performance regardless of the software you use. It will constantly pre-fetch and cache all data, and will also use a special rewritten 88-bit Kernel to accelerate common system instructions. It is a transparent technology that automatically restores the Windows Kernel when Hare is closed.
- The second technology is an intelligent CPU Tasking: Hare will allocate over 90% of the CPU to the frontmost application, but its intelligent multitasking motor will give just the right CPU to all demanding background apps. Hare will automatically give over 98% to the frontmost application if a processor-demanding task is requested, such as video compiling, file copying, etc.

Hare will also accelerate 2D & 3D. With a technology called HolyVision, Hare can improve and accelerate graphic display; this copyrighted technology works with any graphic card. GameZap will improve gaming performance; stop waiting for maps to load, and forget low frame rates. With a set of pre-programmed instructions compatible with nearly all full-screen games, you get the performance of a top-notch graphic card, without the price.

Hare also features Mem Doubler: with a single click, defragment your RAM, fix memory leaks or "wash" the system in order to get that just-booted feeling without having to restart. Mem Doubler automatically defragments RAM when needed and knows when it must be defragmented (intelligent defragmentation system).

Without Hare, Windows becomes slow and unstable when used several months: the Registry is full of useless items, the swap file isn't configured properly, and so on. But with Hare, and its built-in WinOptimize technology, clean the registry and optimize Windows automatically to get maximum Windows performance in minutes!

You can get up to 300% acceleration, with a single click, without making your computer unstable or incompatible. No settings to change, nothing to do: install Hare and be accelerated.